Peter Lalor

Peter Fintan Lalor was born on Febuary the 5th, 1827 in the Parish of Raheen, Queens county, Ireland as the youngest of eleven children to Patrick Lalor and Ann, nee Dillon. 
Raised as a catholic, Peter Lalor was educated at Carlow college and in Dublin.
His many occupations (listed in chronological order) included being a
gold miner, Eureka stockade leader, general merchant, a member of the upper house, member of the lower house, a land agent, and then again in 1874, a member of the lower house.
In his early days he was relatively disinterested in politics, but the Eureka rebellion sparked a passion for justice that began his political career, starting in the upper house but ending up in the lower house.
His leading role in the Eureka stockade is not a complete surprise, as an elder brother of his was also involved in the abortive Young Ireland uprising in 1848, and his father in other issues involving disregard of rights.
 He was most well known for his leading role at the Eureka stockade, in which his arm was wounded and later amputated.
 (refer to the page titled "Eureka Stockade" for more information of the battle and the part he played in it.) 

He married his wife, Alicia Dunne, at St Marys church in Geelong on the 10th of july 1855, Alicia was mother to his two children, A and Dylan Lalor.
Peter died on the  Febuary the 9th, 1889 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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